Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stay Don't Stray

Hello my beautiful followers I recently did an individual product review on the Stay Don't Stray primer from Benefit Cosmetics. If you want to read a full review check the individual product review page. I'm just going to sum up my feelings right here:) This product has been a lifesaver! My shadows used to wear off, or dull down halfway through the day because I never used to use a primer. This primer worked wonders for me! My shadow now stays bright and vibrant all day, without fail! I will soon be posting some pictures on the full review of my shadow right after I put it on and at the end of the day to show you how well the product really works. Comment below if you have tried this primer, or if you have another primer that you swear by! Also any requests you have for future posts just add to your comment!

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