Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aspirin- How to

Ok so this might seem like a very strange thing to post on, but aspirin has been a miracle drug for my skin! Skin you say? That's right! Aspirin is a pain reliever....but I have a secret about this little pill that I'm going to share with all of you! If you have red blemishes that are hard to conceal this is going to be a great investment for you! Red acne has always seemed to be really hard for me to cover up, which is a big embarrassment... So I decided to try something new. Here's what you do:)
  1. Buy a bottle of uncoated aspirin (it's actually really important that it doesn't have a coating on it)
  2. Depending on how many breakouts you have take 1+ pills and put them in a bowl. 
  3. Use the flat end of a spoon to crush the aspirin until it is a powder
  4. Add a few drops of water, or enough to make a pastey consistency
  5. Wash your face really well
  6. Cover your blemishes with the paste and wait about 20-30 minutes
  7. Wash your face again as you usually do and voila, your blemishes should be less red 
*Tip: I like to do this at night, because the excess aspirin left on my skin tends to work well overnight, but if you do wake up in the morning with a red blemish this will help. You can also use this as a mask and apply over your entire face if you have more acne to treat.
*Also...a quick disclaimer: This will not make your acne go away immediately...It's just something I do to make my blemishes appear less red not to completely get rid of them although it can help over time to reduce the amount of acne you get. Use a spot treatment as well if you want the blemish to completely go away.

Hope you enjoyed this little trick! Let me know if it works for you or if you have any other tips to reduce redness! Have a great day and I will most likely have another post today!


  1. This is so smart! I really want to try this!

  2. I didn't realise aspirin does this! Have you seen how people are making face masks with it? Defo something I need to try! Thanks for the tip! :)