Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$13 goes a long way

Hey girls:) I went to Ulta today on a whim not really knowing what I wanted to buy! I just knew I only had $20 so it probably wouldn't get me much! Boy was I wrong.... 3 gorgeous Ulta brand eyeshadows, 1 Ulta brand blush, and 1 NYX pigment later I still had 7 dollars! I absolutely love the feel of new makeup on my vanity! It feels so good! P.S. That gorgeous blue background you see is my window seat...Haha ok but really I'm amazed I cleared off enough stuff to take the pictures at all:)
This is everything I bought for only $13 (SHOCK!)

Ulta eyeshadows (left to right) Flirty (shimmery plum) , Lustre (shimmery champagne), and Copper Bronze (a coppery bronze haha) All of these were $2 a piece
Ulta blush in Heartbreaker (medium pink with peachy undertones) $3

Swatches top to bottom: Ulta blush in Heartbreaker, NYX pigment in L21, Ulta shadows in Flirty, Lustre, and Copper Bronze

Swatches left to right: Ulta shadows in Copper Bronze, Lustre, and Flirty, NYX pigment in L21, and Ulta blush in Heartbreaker

I got some better swatch pictures!!! Tomorrow there will be an eye tutorial using these products! Bye for now! xoxo


  1. Wow thats pretty amazing! haha by the way I am super glad I got to know you a little! I hope we have many more chats to come!

  2. We need to start a new message so I don't have to keep scrolling to the bottom and finding the page we're on haha! And we will have many more chats to come!

  3. wow they look really pigmented! :)

  4. They really are! I wasn't really expecting them to, but I sat there in the ulta section and swatched a ton of colors, and I was really impressed with the pigmentation and all the gorgeous colors of eyeshadow! For only $2 a piece I felt like I was stealing ;)