Monday, July 25, 2011

Favorites: My Top 3 Summer Scents

Hey again girls! I really wanted to do another favorites post, because I think they are just so fun:) Today it's on my 3 favorite summer scents! Summer seems to come with the fruity and floral scents that I love the most, and personally I love smelling like summer all year long! It reminds me of summer and makes me forget how cold it is in the winter where I live, because it gets FREEZING cold here! Ok here we go!

  • DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom- This perfume is delicious...haha ok, but really it smells fantastic! I am in love with the cute apple shaped bottle that it comes in! It has that hint of apple in the floral scent that I just love! I have an obsession with apple scents so this is just perfect! And it's also pink which is super fun! I always get compliments on how good I smell when I am wearing this, and I also really enjoy that I get used to the scent so it doesn't end up making my head hurt!
  • Aeropostale Hailey- Alright so I have to admit that I did originally buy this perfume for the name...But who could pass up a perfume that has their name on it, even if it is one letter off? I stumbled upon this scent at the HUGE Aeropostale in Times Square and just had to buy it! I was really impressed with the scent, it's a more flirty floral scent! It is very very strong though, one tiny squirt will suffice, otherwise you will be ending up with a huge headache! I also can smell this the whole time I'm wearing it and never get used to it, which is a small downside.
  • Beauty Rush Appletini Body Double Mist- This innovative little body mist is found at Victoria Secret for only $12 unless you can get like 3 for $20 which is usually the deal they have going on! It's a super fun bottle, green on top and clear on bottom! You shake it before you spray it:) It has been my absolute favorite scent for the past 3 years! It's fruity...and apple, which I said I am obsessed with! 
Let me know what your favorite scents are in the comments below! Have any questions or requests? E-mail me at!


  1. Beauty Rush Appletini is my favorite thing ever! I am having a hard time finding it though and am almost out :(

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog [: I always wanted to try the beauty rush body sprays, but I think the people at work might not like it but I will take a second look next time I'm at VS.

  3. @Jordan-I agree, it comes and goes!

    @Anners-You are so welcome!! You should definitely check them out! I also really like the honeydew and coconut scents:)

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  5. Sorry about that last post! I was checking out other blogs and had the wrong link copied.

    But I said that I love all the DKNY scents, they're so pretty and fresh and not overpowering at all.

  6. That's ok! Haha I totally agree with you:) And I absolutely love your drawings on your blog, they are fantastic!

  7. Loveee the DKNY perfume!
    I'm not sure if you already have it but I nominated you for Stylish Bloggers Award. Love you blog!